Vredehoek Quarry Tunnel-Table Mountain-Cape Town

The Vredehoek Quarry Tunnel


The Vredehoek Quarry is probably one of the best kept secrets of Table Mountain. It is by no means the only secret and we wish to share many more with our readers. My wife and I have been taking photos over the years of many places and we wish to share our adventures with the world. We sincerely hope you will enjoy them.


If You park at the top of Chelmsford Road in the dirt parking area you walk to the boon and take a left along the dirt road with a magnificent view of the city bowl to your left. only a 100 meters or so you will see the path leading of to the right (on my most recent visit their was a lot of rubble placed in the path and I do hope they do not intend to close off the tunnels )

If you Don’t like dark tunnels that are obviously falling apart their is no need to despair as to the right of the sign is a path going over the top to gain access. Please walk carefully and watch out for loose stones and low rusty I beams.


Note the Rust and deterioration of the support pillar. In some places the support pillar no longer reaches the roof. I beams are also missing but still she stands. My research leads me to believe the Quarry dates back to the early 1900’s and was in use on and off till the mid 1930’s and the main reason for closure was the complaints of residents in the area due to the noise of the crushing plant and the blasting.


When one enters through the tunnel you are greeted with an inviting pool of water complete with fish. (Proof below)

The towering raw rock faces filled with a kaleidoscope of colours tower above you. If you sit a watch the cliffs as the sun moves over how the shadows and colours change it is as if the cliffs are dancing to the movement of the sun.


After a reaxing time in the quarry wheater it be a picnic or some quality alone time one must shake off and get ready to enter the dark tunnels back to the real world.


Upon exiting the tunnel you are greeted with a vision second to none. The city bowl lies at your feet. You can see the Grand Parade, the Cape Town Stadium and Robin Inland out in the bay


Table Mountain (Nature Reserve)
Cape Town
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