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A 100% FREE Adobe Photoshop beginners course.

No sign up no cr card nothing just learn at your own pace.

These videos were made as a refresher video for the students who completed the course with me. If you follow on you will learn all the basics of Photoshop by doing simple exercises and gradually adding more tools and seeing how they function. Don’t be alarmed at first as the more you practice the easier it becomes. 

All we ask in return for this free course (normally R 1 800.00) is please subscribe to our YouTube channel it’s free.

Watch the complete playlist below

Due to the current pandemic I decided to give my Photoshop tutorials to the world for free. I have been teaching Photoshop for a number of years and have helped many people master the program mainly for web developers and photographers.

At the bottom of each tutorial there is a comment section which you are free to fill in and ask any questions or request help.  You must be logged in to the website in order to comment even though this is a membership website it is totally free to become a member and comment. The only reason we require you to sign up is to avoid spam messages from appearing on our blogs 

Photoshop is all about the layers and in these tutorials I teach you to use the different tools and layers one example at a time, we’ll slowly build up to using different tools and techniques. It is best to follow the examples in the order that they are laid out as some follow on from a previous one. Once you have completed one example practice it and master it before moving on to the next one you must learn to do these out of your head and not follow the video every time and practice is all it takes.

In Photoshop there are many different ways to achieve the same goal and as I explain to my students there is no such thing as magic it is a logical step by step process to achieving your goal and desired effect.In the first exercise the picture-in-picture you will learn to use layers and you will see how they work and so we will progress to achieve all sorts of fun effects in the duration of the course. Once you have completed the course you will find that you are quite able to go onto YouTube and follow more advanced tutorials, the grounding of this course will make them understandable and possible.

I have been informed by some of the people that completed the course that they were most grateful for the free course and they managed to keep themselves busy during the lockdown. This was very pleasing to me to get the feedback of such a positive nature.

I can see by the number of views in my YouTube Analytics that many people have followed the course but very few have made comments or left a word of thanks.  it would be really appreciated to hear from you and what your thoughts were and how you managed to cope. I look forward to reading your comments and hopefully you will subscribe to our channel and watch our wonderful videos we take the time and trouble to make about our beautiful country.  If you ring the bell on YouTube, you will be notified as soon as we release a new video.  This will help us as we need loads of viewing hours to make our channel able to be monetized which means we will have ads running in front of my videos and will earn as a few Rands, this at the end of the day is what we are striving to achieve so please support us and make this possible.

Do one lesson at a time below

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