Lost or Forgotten Places

Lost or forgotten places on Table Mountain and more.

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On this Blog Archive page, you will find and ever growing number of blogs on Lost and Forgotten places. Unlike most blogs we have a YouTube video or slideshow to go along with these post bringing a visual account of our forgotten past. Some of these places are fun to visit and others can leave you with deep thought and cause you to go into deep thought.

Every post has a place of interest highlighted and we also leave you with a map to go and explore this site for yourself if you are local. We ask you to really respect these places and treasure them for the next visitor and not to vandalize or leave your mark in paint or any form of litter. The post will also contain some history that we have manage to dig up and shared with you as well.

If you know of some of these places you think we should visit, please email us Info@tablemountainlivestream.co.za and tell us your suggestion and we will look into it and do our best to capture and share it with you and all our subscribers. It does not have to be on Table Mountain but anywhere with in South Africa.

Every site we visit is an adventure to us and we plan what equipment we should take along and which cameras will be best suited to do the job and what security measures we need to take to insure our safety in some of these areas. As an old Boy Scout I always like to Be Prepared so normally a hearty meal is packed as well as all the necessary safety and first aid equipment.

Some of the places are in my opinion not going to be around much longer and will be demolished in the not so distant future and others will be left to the powers of nature to consume them with over growth. I do suggest if you can go and visit while you can or get a tour guide to take you on an official guided tour and best always to travel in groups to these isolated places.

If you are living far away and are watching from your armchair, we wish you a warm welcome and we are happy for you to tour our country with us and if you are an expat I hope we don’t make you to homesick.

We do get many comments on YouTube but very few on our website and I would like to assure you that having to register to comment is only to prevent untoward comments and spam adverts etc. Subscription is absolutely free and you will not be spammed nor will any mailing list be sold or handed over to a third party so don’t be shy and please leave a comment as we would love to hear from you.

Please take the trouble to subscribe to us on YouTube and ring the bell so you get notified of all our new videos. Don’t forget to hit the like button and leave a comment as well. Please watch the videos in full as this really helps our channel grow.

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