Tokai Forest | Picnic Spots Vlog # 1

Tokai Forest | Picnic Spots Vlog # 1


Having just renewed our permits at the Table Mountain National Park Wild Card Sales Office, with Tokai Forest just down the road, we had prepared to make it a braai-day.  I can think of many reasons why anyone would want to make any day a braai-day, however, read on, you will find out exactly why we did it particularly on this very day. 
On arrival at the gate we shared a bit of banter with friendly National Parks staff. 
There is an entry fee, opening & closing times are on the board… if you pause the video you may be able to read it ☺! CHECK OUT André’s 19 Photo Shop Course to learn these tricks!
Now don’t leave this page until you have gone through this blog, there is plenty more where this came from..many links you may wish to view.
Enjoy this adventure with us…

  …and we are off to see the incredible ages old plantations of Tokai Forest, whoop whoop♫

One can only imagine what these are useful for, besides where birds are safe to roost, they tower in strength above our heads and form a circle of protection from the harsh South African sun.  

We were so excited about our new van and had to show you our *Sponsors* & *Branding*.
Our visual sponsors for Table Mountain Live Stream as follows:
Cape Bakkie Centre:
We enjoy the use of their gazebo, come rain or shine♥
BC Wines:
You will always see a bottle or two of BC Grape Juice, the red/white.  We condone drinking & driving, behave responsibly people.  A braai is fine without a dop! As long as there is a chop! 
Hart of Africa:
Supplies the Tablecloth weights, the table cloths & serviettes.
Hart Shots Photography: Supplies the camera equipment, for the cause of good viewing.
And of course, a BIG *Thank You* to YOU & to our silent partners, you know who you are- for your support/sponsorship♫
We could not do this without you☺
We hope that you enjoy our efforts in making our movie-ad exciting and that the music brings a smile to your dial☺

…obviously we wanted to share the day with you, showing you the ample braai spots available.  It was also a day to celebrate André ♥, he wanted to start our first braai blog/vlog on his birthday! Hip-Hip-Hooray to André, to your good health & many blessed day’s♫ Fortunately for you I spared you my singing☺ to André.
Setting up the braai, for just the two of us, we thought of you, wishing you were here♫
We hope that you too will venture out & enjoy a day out with friends & family, where there is more than enough space to play cricket☺!

We noticed that the bins were not of the typical type, they were baboon – proofed, one can only suppose how much havoc they bring to a good braai, we know from experience!… see our blog and video on Buffels Bay Braai / Picnic Spot | Vlog #4 to see the drama unfold or to read all about it☺ 

  .…another to watch is just up the road from Tokai Forest, view the following link,
which is found under Lost or Forgotten Places.

Taking a look at the map below to view the area, and you will find another Lost or Forgotten Place, namely the Porter Reformatory, see the link to our video and blog:

You may have noticed our lovely tablecloth weights, besides being excellent gifts for a family, they are wonderfully functional and are beautifully ornamental, we always have them hanging from the 4 corners of our tablecloth in case of any gusts of wind, as you may see in our other videos, where they are most helpful in keeping everything from flying off the table! 
There is a very large collection available to purchase on the Hart of Africa Online Shop,  view the link attached:


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